Character Spotlight #4: Adam West’s Batman

A few days ago, we said goodbye to a legend. Adam West has played a lot of different characters on TV. The Mayor of Quahog from Family Guy, The Grey Ghost in Batman: The Animated Series and Catman from The Fairly OddParents, but he is most known for his role as Batman in the 1960s Batman series.


The show had its own unique charm and served the purpose of popularizing Batman again. With the ending of World War II, Superheroes were starting to lose popularity. Originally comics were made to be propaganda for the war, comics were the embodiment of war effort. So in the mid-1950s, DC introduced Barry Allen, and Hal Jordan (in 1956, and 1959 respectively). These characters attempted to issue in a new age of comics, The Silver Age. During the Silver Age, since comics were starting to be marketed towards children, censorship was starting to be looked at. The rise of the Comics Code Authority meant that certain ideas and actions got either restricted or eliminated. Among them, was the fact that Joker and Batman should be toned down from their brutality.


The 60s also was when the TV started getting introduced to families. Most families started getting home televisions in their houses, and as such, DC started turning towards television. They started airing syndicated TV shows, and the 1960s Batman show was an immediate success with 3 seasons and a tie in movie.


Adam West is getting this tribute/spotlight as Batman because to me, he was one of the most iconic men to ever don the cowl whether it be live action or animated. Unlike most of the later Batmen, Adam’s Batman was full of smiles and jokes as he rid Gotham City of Crime. The writing on the show can be dated at times, but it’s not bad. Adam West’s Batman even inspired the creation of the Batman ‘66 comic series, which is one of the best Batman comic lines. Adam West is Batman. In the comics, Batman has mentioned that the idea of Batman must continue to live, even after he dies. The idea and legend of Batman have spread over the years through various actors and voice actors. Rest In Peace Adam West, and thank you for being Batman.